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Tips for finding your prefect Engagement Ring

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

Never before have women and men had so much freedom of choice when it comes to their engagement ring. There are no rules anymore about what counts as an engagement ring, what it should look like, how much it should cost, or who should select it and pay for it. You want a coloured stone? Emerald cut, cushion, pear? An asymmetrical setting? Do you want to make the decision as a couple or let your significant other go it alone? It’s entirely up to you. That said, with all the options and variables to consider, choosing can be an overwhelming experience. Which is why when it finally comes time to pick out the one, having a few tips up your sleeve will make it easier.

A ring represents a meaningful moment for you and your partner, and can be one of the biggest purchases you’ll make together (UK average spend is £1400), so make sure you do it right. Explore your style preferences, then learn the basics, establish a budget, and do your research. Ring shopping should be exciting!

Keep an open mind, and take your time.

Much like choosing a wedding dress, you don’t always know what type of engagement ring you’ll like until you see it in person and try it on — and you should never rush into a decision. Don't be surprised if what you thought you were going to love doesn't turn out to be your favorite choice once you try it on in person. I've served hundreds of newly engaged ladies who have their heart set on a specific ring style and then they don't like it as much as they thought they would when they try it on. It's worth trying on every shape, even if you think you will hate it. You never know what something will look like on your hand. Most importantly trust your instincts. Don't try to convince yourself to love something! Listen to your intuition and pay attention to what your eye continues to return to, if you keep going back to a particular ring and trying it on, it's probably the one for you! This is one of my most important tips don't get too caught up in the 4 Cs [cut, colour, clarity, and carat]; just pay attention to what you like to see on your hand. Your diamond/gemstone doesn't have to be perfect, it's often a compromise between the 4 Cs to find the ring for you. Don't dismiss a lower grade diamond. Certain diamonds hide colour and clarity well and are always worth a look. And if you're like me I prefer a bit of colour in my diamonds.

Ignore outdated rules about how much you should spend and who should pay.

You may have heard the old rule of thumb that the person proposing should spend three-months’ salary on the engagement ring. It's time to forget that advice. There should be no rules about how much the ring should cost and who should pay. The process is your own and there's no reason to compare it to anyone elses. No-one is going to love your engagement ring as much as you so don't worry what anyone else will think. Some of our customers share the expense, while others do not. Whatever makes you the most comfortable.

So you received a ring you don’t like — now what?

Your partner pops the question — it’s a total surprise — but the ring is just wrong. Don’t panic! There’s a way to gracefully handle the situation and still end up with the ring of your dreams. You keep the stone, but reconsider the setting. The least expensive part of the engagement ring is the setting, so if your engagement ring isn't your style, change the setting to an aesthetic you love. That way you keep the sentiment but also get the ring of your dreams.

Try it on with a wedding band.

Trying a wedding band alongside your preferred engagement ring gives you an insight of how it will look when you get married. It can make a huge difference to the style of the ring when it is placed alongside a wedding ring. Consider if you will have to have a bespoke wedding ring made to fit an unusual style or if you would want a diamond set, patterned or polished wedding band.

And lastly, know that the process is different for everyone so if you need a little extra time to make a decision, do so, go for a cuppa and talk it over. Take your time!

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