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We take the upmost care and attention to all of our jewellery repairs, watch repairs and valuations your precious items are fully insured whilst in our care.

Jewellery Repairs


We offer a first class professional Jewellery repair service. We specialise in most areas of jewellery repairs from a simple soldering to remaking a ring entirely from scratch. As an independent jewellers, Ingledews prides itself on delivering the highest quality repairs service coupled with outstanding customer service. Our team of highly skilled and talented Jewellers are at hand to repair and restore your Jewellery back to its original natural glory.  Prices start from as follows:

  • Ring re-sizing from £35.00

  • Chain repairs from £15.00

  • Pearl re-stringing from £25.00

  • Rhodium plating from £35.00

  • No obligation quotes can be obtained for every repair

Watch Repairs


We are proud to offer a watch repair service. Perhaps you need a new strap to rejuvenate the look of your watch or maybe you have inherited an heirloom watch that you would like restoring and servicing. Our horologists are some of the most experienced in the world at dealing with fine Swiss watches. If your watch undergoes a full service we will issue you with a one year warranty from the date the service was completed. Your watch is fully insured in our care and all quotes can be obtained with no obligation.



Your jewellery is precious and naturally you want to protect it. A professional valuation is invaluable for insurance and could even help recover stolen items. We all hope no harm will ever come to our treasured possessions, but if the worst happens, you want to be fully protected.

Most insurance companies ask for proof of ownership and a professional valuation of items you want covered. Often, they also need good quality photographs and detailed descriptions.  We will examine your jewellery or watches, and provide a written valuation. This is a legal document you can use for insurance. We also provide high quality digital photographs, note any distinguishing features and write a full description of each item. This makes it much easier to identify your jewellery if it is lost or stolen.  All valuations are completed in house and won't be sent to a third party.  In accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, your details are kept entirely confidential and can only be released to the police or your insurers with your permission.

  • Insurance document price per item £25.00

  • Updates £15.00 per item

  • Valuation after loss £25 per item

  • Probate valuations £15 per item

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